Sunday, April 13, 2014

Always Thinking Of You!

You were my comfort, when I was lonely
You were my strength, when I felt lowly
You were my peace, when I needed rest
You were the only one thinking of my best.

When I was with you, eternity was a step away
To my every problem you showed me a way
You were a source of joy I never felt before
As years rolling by I loved you more and more.

Sad was the parting, no one could tell,
So sudden it happened, my heart fell;
The blow was hard, the shock very severe,
To part with the one, I loved ever dear.

I wanted to give you all I could give
I wanted you with me as long as I live.
Ever I wanted to be part of your heart,
To remain together, never be apart.

I wished that I could trade places with you
For all the pain that you went through.
But when I saw you sleeping free from pain
I could not wish you back to suffer again.

Feeling sad and blue I said goodbye to you
You didn’t go alone; a part of me went with you
In tears I watched you slowly fade away,
With great sorrow I couldn’t keep you stay.

Though absent, in my heart you are near,
Forever missed, loved and always dear.
Love, if ever I cease to think of you
It will be when God has called me too.

-      N.Ganeshan
(This poem got first prize in competition conducted in our bank magazine “Vijaya Vikas” in 2013)