Friday, March 5, 2010

Oh God…..

A wise man said "Borrow money from pessimists-they don't expect it back.”. Oh God, Please show me such rich pessimists, if they exist.

By the time I can make ends meet, you always move both the ends. Oh God, please stop playing the game with me and try the game with my neighbour, for a change.

Whenever I make a mistake everyone notice it immediately without any help. And they take trouble to inform the whole world. But if I do a right thing no one notices. Even if I take pains to inform them they simply stare at me or nod as if it is insignificant. Oh God, may people be fair enough to ignore my mistakes and shortcomings immediately, realize my virtues and proclaim them to the world!

Oh God, save me from bores, who goes on talking when I want them to listen to my own stories.

Oh God, don’t send me both kind of calamities-misfortune to me and good fortune to my colleague.

Why can’t the youngsters notice that I have stopped aging after 29 years and address me “uncle?” Oh God, please change their unbearable manners and have consideration for my feelings.

After we prove to our bankers we have surplus money by producing our balance sheet and other financial details, they are ready to give us loan. What’s the point in lending money to people with surplus funds and not to poor souls like me? Oh God, can’t you enlighten the bankers?

Why do banks charge for returning our cheques for "insufficient funds" when they already know we don't have any money? Oh God, why do they burden more poor fellows?

We know what is in moon and mars. We know beforehand when celestial events are going to take place. But we are unable to know beforehand when our fellow people are going to spit on the streets. Oh God, give me the power to know beforehand and I’ll walk or ride on streets without perpetual terror.

I want to prove the wise saying “Money cannot buy happiness”. Oh God, entrust the noble task to me and give me a lot of money to start proving it.

- N.Ganeshan

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