Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Optimist and The Pessimist

Christian D Larson defines optimist and pessimist excellently. After reading the definitions one can clearly understand why the optimist succeeds in life and why the pessimist fails in his life. You need not consult astrologers about your future. See where you fit in the descriptions. You can know the status of your future instantly. If you don't like the possible outcome, you have the choice to alter yourself accordingly. Read and know yourself.


The Optimist and The Pessimist

The optimist lives under a clear sky; the pessimist lives in a fog.

The pessimist hesitates, and loses both time and opportunity; the optimist makes the best use of everything now, and builds themselves up, steadily and surely, until all adversity is overcome and the object in view realized.

The pessimist curbs their energies and concentrates their whole attention upon failure; the optimist gives all their thought and power to the attainment of success, and arouses their faculties and forces to the highest point of efficiency.

The pessimist waits for better times, and expects to keep on waiting; the optimist goes to work with the best that is at hand now, and proceeds to create better times.

The pessimist pours cold water on the fires of their own ability; the optimist adds fuel to those fires.

The pessimist links their mind to everything that is losing ground; the optimist lives, thinks and works with everything that is determined to press on.

The pessimist places a damper on everything; the optimist gives life, fire and go to everything.

The optimist is a building force; the pessimist is always an obstacle in the way of progress.

The pessimist lives in a dark, soggy unproductive world, the optimist lives in that mental sunshine that makes all things grow.

- Christian D Larson

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