Thursday, May 20, 2010

The True Wealth

If someone says that you are one of the wealthiest persons in this world will you agree? If the answer is "No" please read this and rethink your answer. I came across the passage in the net and it made me think a lot. Read and think.


The True Wealth

Imagine you lost a limb. How much money are you willing to pay to get it back?

Now, imagine you lost your sight, or your sense of hearing. How much money are you willing to pay to have it back?

Imagine you developed a terminal disease. How much money are you willing to give up for it to go away?

Think of a living person whom you love very much. This person could be a family member, a romantic partner, or just a friend. Imagine this person left you. Again, how much money are you willing to part with for him or her to return?

Imagine someone came along with a special machine, zapped your brain, and suddenly, ALL your memories - good, bad and neutral - are gone. Again, whats the amount of money you would forfeit to get your memories back?

Think of anything else which means a lot to you. Imagine it went away. And then ask yourself how much money you would part with to have it back.

Now, if you still have some or all of the above things in your life, aren't you a very wealthy person?

"True wealth is measured by what you have, not what you don't have or what you have lost."

"There’s none so poor as he who knows not the joy of what he has."

- Unknown

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