Monday, July 11, 2011

The Treasure House


The Treasure House

Once there was a discussion among the gods as to where the miraculous secret power that could grant everything desired by man was to kept hidden. One of the Gods suggested that it could be buried in the depths of the ocean. Another suggested that it could be kept hidden on the top of the highest mountain. One suggested a cave in the deep forest was the ideal place to hide it. One of the most intelligent gods said,”Let us put it in the depths of man’s mind. He will never suspect that the great power is hidden there”. All the gods agreed to the suggestion and the great treasure was kept there. Hence, in the human mind lies the hidden great miraculous power.

Man cannot easily believe that there is so much energy stored within. He asks “How can such energy be kept inside my mind?” His ignorance and his doubt create inferiority complex which he cannot shake off. Yet he believes science when it tells him that tremendous energy is stored in a small particle of matter. Science tells that the amount of energy that will be released if a tiny portion of any matter, weighing just one gram, is converted in to energy is about 30.3 million horse power. (Albert Einstein discovered the formula that describes the proportion between the mass of matter and energy that is potential in it as E=mc2).

Russian scientists Bernard B Keginski and Dr.Pavel Neumov said, ”The mind is not just an inert matter. Just as there there are precious stones in the depths of the sea, there is a store of abundant energy in the depths of our mind. However this energy is beyond the perception of our ordinary senses, that’s all”. It is true.

The principal reason why the average person remains weak and incompetent is found in the fact that he makes no effort to realize the depths of his real being. He wrongly believes that what exists on the surface is all there is of man. So he does not place himself in touch with the live wire of his great and inexhaustible nature within. He does not exercise his greatest power the power to discern what his whole nature may contain, and therefore does not unlock the door to any of his other powers. And the reason why greatness is the rare exception instead of the universal rule can be traced to the same cause.

Man tries to use the resources on the surface, but is unconscious of the fact that enormous powers are in existence in the greater depth of his mind. These powers are dormant simply because they have not been called into action, and they will continue to lie dormant until man develops his greatest power; that is, the power to discern what really exists within him.

When the mind discovers that its powers are inexhaustible and that its faculties and talents can be developed to the very highest degree imaginable, and to any degree beyond that, the fear of failure will entirely disappear. He will come to the conclusion that man may attain anything or achieve anything, provided, of course, he works within the natural sphere of universal law. Whatever circumstances may be today such a mind will know that all can be changed; that this condition can be made to pass away, and that the vacancy may be filled with the heart's most cherished desire.

(To be continued ….)


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