Thursday, September 1, 2011


Many people believe that you should have someone externally appoint you to do anything. But Kent Sayre says that you can easily appoint yourself to get the results you want. According to him the following message is literally priceless if you truly understand it and apply it to your life. Read the following passage and think over it. Don’t wait for any external authority to appoint you to do great things. Designate yourself. Begin your journey to greatness….



The more things we have in our control, the more empowered we are. And typically, we find ourselves more fulfilled too. So let's begin to control more things in our lives. And one of those is the notion of being certified, degreed, appointed, etc. by external sources. Sure, we need appointment for some things. I like my doctor to have passed exams and be board certified before he operates on me. I like my airplane pilots to have licenses before flying me around. 

However, we often are conditioned to live in the junk trance that says we have to be externally appointed, certified, or given some recognition before we can do something. This is NOT true. Think about Edison, the great inventor. He didn't get an inventor's certificate and then go on to become the world's greatest inventor. He just did it. 

Think about Bill Gates. He didn't hang out in school waiting to get a degree saying he was an expert in computers before starting his company. He dropped out of college, went for it in a major way, and now is the richest man around. Who knows if opportunity had slipped him by if he had stayed in school, waiting to be externally appointed as an expert? 

Think about Michael Jordan who is arguably the best basketball player ever. He didn't wait for others to externally designate him as a great basketball player and then go out and allow his greatness to come out. Nonsense. He declared in his mind (e.g., self-appointed) that he was going to be great and worked hard to unleash his greatness within. It was up to him. Remember, Jordan got cut in the 8th grade from his basketball team. Had he bought into the idea of an external personal judging his worthiness, he probably would've given up and the world would have lost out on the best basketball player ever. He didn't buy into that junk hypnosis of someone else deciding, dictating his fate for him.

My point is that to do something, you don't have to wait on someone else to certify you, appoint you, give you a degree, etc. Designate yourself. Here's what I'm going to do for you. This is the LAST certification you will ever need. I, Kent Sayre, for you having read this message, am now certifying you as a master at SELF-APPOINTMENT. For those who are curious, who certified me to certify others to self-appoint themselves? I appointed myself, of course! You no longer need anyone's permission to go for it. And when you're doing all sorts of great things, showing the true greatness within yourself, some people might ask, "Hey, what's gotten into you? Who gave you the right to do all this great stuff?" And when they do, say, "I did."

- Kent Sayre

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