Thursday, December 1, 2011

Zen Thoughts On Life

Learning the way of Zen is not difficult. All it needs is an open and alert mind. You don’t have to learn any special rituals or memorize large and difficult texts. The key to Zen is attention in the present moment, so clear your mind and take the Zen path.

Our minds are clever little things, and endlessly justify why we cannot do what we say we are going to do. The last thing our egos want is seeing everything as it is.

If we complain about something it means it is something we don’t like. Things don’t change by themselves just because we don’t like them. When you realize this, you’ll stop complaining. In fact it would be a very liberating experience to not have to complain. You can just experience the world, work on things you really want to change and accept the rest as it is.

We endlessly self-describe, and because we think it, we tend to stop there, believing we are as we think ourselves to be. Therefore, to change is, first, to change your self-description.

We call reality what we experience, but a lot of it is actually interpretation. Being afraid of the dark is not proof the dark ‘is’ scary. But it only says you think it is. Others may love to walk under a starry dark sky.

Perhaps you don’t even have to choose but to just see things as they are, without choosing to love or hate it.

If you don’t know where you are going, you will wind up somewhere else. So have a clear idea.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step, but only if you take it. 

If you come to a division in the road, take it. Do not just stand there, stare at the division, and refuse to choose or to move or to decide. At the same time do not travel on the road that’s not getting you where you want to go. Life presents endless divisions in the road. In general, any choice we make can be changed at any time. Pick one that takes you to your goal and start walking. You do not get the time you waste back at the end of your life.

You cause yourself problems by over-thinking and worrying. Simplify things and do everything with awareness. Your problems will disappear automatically.

Watch the sit­uation uncritically as it unfolds before you. Usually your mind will struggle to create a drama to judge. Observe your mind playing games and realize that they are just games. In this clarity, you can choose a way to respond that is appropriate to the current moment and situation, without getting tied up in the games and dramas your mind loves.

In every area where you think you are stuck, you are stuck because you are holding on to something that does not work. Let that go and move on.

Live each and every day with vitality, never failing to take everything that happens as an opportunity to open and expand your inner life, exerting yourself to the fullest in the place you find yourself now.

- N.Ganeshan

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