Friday, July 13, 2012

How to overcome your cravings?

Some cravings keep coming again and again. Someone who craves chocolate can’t resist eating some, but if addicted, they would eat nothing else. Even in milder forms we do not seem to have a free choice or control over them. It happens because of a repetitive pattern imprinted in the brain. Some times it goes to extreme and becomes an addiction. Deepak Chopra says that you can always change it. You can always reset the reactions in times of cravings. He says:

"When a craving arises, don’t make it an either/or choice.

Instead of either giving in or resisting, do one of the following: walk away, postpone your choice, find a distraction, pause and watch yourself, or substitute another pleasure.

Don’t think of defeating your craving. Think instead that you are gradually erasing an imprint.

When you feel discouraged for giving in, be with your feelings instead of pushing them away.

Realize why appeasing a craving never works: you can never get enough of what you didn’t want in the first place.

Find out what you really want, whether it’s love, comfort, approval, or security. These are the basic needs that cravings try to substitute for.

Pursue your real need. If you do, the craving will automatically lose its grip and in time will vanish.

If for any reason you can turn away from your old craving, seize that moment, even if your craving soon returns. Every small victory imprints the brain in a new pattern. Don’t see this as a
temporary victory—see it as a sign that you can find the switch that turns your craving off."

Try it and be benefited.

- N.Ganeshan

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