Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Symptoms and cure of Inferiority Complex!

All of us have thoughts and feeling of inadequacy many times.  But inadequacy will become inferiority complex if we always have the following characteristics.

1)      Constant comparison with others
2)      High sensitivity to criticism
3)      Fault finding and making others small so that you can look bigger
4)      Hunger for flattery
5)      Social withdrawal
6)      Envy and Jealousy
7)      Self-pity

The root cause of inferiority complex is wrong perception, rather than what is actually the case. We draw conclusions based on our evaluation of past experiences. Mostly these evaluations are not facts, but our distorted perceptions.

Remember the simple truth – no one is perfect. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. So let us not fall in the trap of comparison.  Let us love ourselves.  We are the creations of God.  God cannot create inferior products. So let us find out our plus points and go on improving ourselves. Then there will not be any room for inferiority complex.

- N.Ganeshan


  1. Dear sir,
    it is an eye opening article and thanks for sharing important tips.

  2. Do not condemn yourself , if you do it you are indirectly insulting God who is in you. So love yourself.- Baba. Excellent article Sir.