Thursday, January 7, 2010


When Sir Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin in 1928, many people thought it was a lucky accident. It is true that by chance he noticed a mold contaminant on a culture plate. But without his previous foundation in microbiology, the organization of his laboratory and his systematic follow-up on his discovery, the chance accident might have gone unnoticed. In fact that lucky accident must have occurred many times before. But no one had been prepared enough to discover it.

Good luck is the meeting point of opportunity and preparation. So you have to be prepared even to recognize luck. If you are not prepared it will usually pass you by. Many youngsters think that their education is enough. They don’t realize that the degrees and diplomas are merely preparations. They are just tools for a great beginning. Unlike general opinion education is not an end.

You cannot have a good physique just by reading a book on gymnastics. For every result, action must be taken. There is no magic wand for success. You must take the first step now. You must begin with devotion and enthusiasm. If you want to go ahead don’t wait for someone to push you. And don’t think that you are young, so you can wait. Could Vivekananda or Bharathiar or Keats have waited?

Carpe diem, Seize the day is the motto of every successful person. It requires 100% commitment of time, energy and effort. Learn more. Do more. Go the extra mile. There is not much competition on the extra mile. Go on bravely. Things that go upwards have to be pushed. But the things that go downward will run themselves. It is so in our lives also. Successful living is conscious effort to go upwards to greater life. If you are making no effort in your life, it shows that you are going downward.

If you are sincere in your efforts to go upward, you will grow greater. As you grow greater your troubles will become smaller, because you see them with greater eyes. And you rise above them. As you grow greater your opportunities and luck grow greater. That is, you will begin to see them. In fact luck is around you all the time, but you must really be ready to notice it and to take advantage of it.

- N.Ganeshan

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  1. Very True and very well written!! Satish Nahar