Friday, January 1, 2010

How we decide our destiny

Ralph Parlette, an American public speaker, once exhibited a glass jar more than half-filled with small white beans and a few walnuts.

He said to the audience, “You note as I shake the jar the little beans quickly settle down and the big walnuts shake up. Not one bean asks, "Which way do I go?" Not one walnut asks, "Which way do I go?" Each one automatically goes the right way. The little ones go down and the big ones go up”.

“Note that I mix them all up and then shake. Note that they arrange themselves just as they were before”.

“Suppose those objects could talk. I think I hear that a little bean down in the bottom
saying, "Help me! Help me! I am so unfortunate and low down. I never had chance
like the big ones up there. Help me up."

“So I lift him up to the top.”

“See, the jar shakes. Back to the bottom shakes the little bean. And I hear him say,"Well, if I cannot get to the top, you make the big ones to come down. Give every one an equal chance."

“So I say, "Yes.You Big Nuts get right down there on a level with Little Bean!" And you see I put them down.”

“But I shake the jar, and the big ones go right back to the top with the same shakes that
send the little ones back to the bottom.”

“There is only one way for those objects to change their place in the jar. Lifting them up
or putting them down will not do it. But change their size! Let the little one grow bigger and he will shake up. Let the big one grow smaller and he will shake down”

His demonstration eloquently expresses a great truth. If you want a greater place, you simply grow greater and they cannot keep you down. Grow greater, enlarge your
dimensions and develop new capabilities, you will surely end in greater places. Don’t wait like the little bean for someone or something to take you high. It will never workout and sooner or later when destiny shakes the situations, you will be in the same position.

Remember, we are not helpless like the little beans and walnuts Mr. Parlett used in his demonstration. We are human beings with choices and great potentials. But most people live trapped inside their assumed personalities for their entire lives, never knowing that they can leave. They are victims of their own invented "selves." Destiny can only help a man to help himself. It can help him to grow. But it cannot help many people, because they are not willing to be helped on the inside. They are not willing to grow up.

Destiny is in your hands. It is your choice. If you choose to grow and become worthy of your goals, all world cannot stop you from reaching them. If you choose to stay in comfort zone and wait for things and situations to change for better, you will remain far away from your goals. So remember that you go up by your own personal efforts. You go up by your own service, sacrifice, struggle and overcoming. You push out your own skyline. You rise above your own obstacles. You create your own destiny.

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