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Negative Emotions Can Drain Your Powers

Learn Mind’s Secrets – 7

ou will achieve all that you desire if you use the techniques explained so far, provided your emotions are positive and in alignment with those desires! Though mind powers can never be exhausted by use, they can be drained or wasted by negative emotions. If you entertain negative emotions continuously they will drain all your powers - both physical and mental.

Your immune system tends to lower its resistance level in the presence of continuous negative emotions and there is a draining of your bodily energy needed to protect you against disorders. Many diseases occur when a lowered immune system allows microbes to develop and proliferate.

Most of the time, our cells are preoccupied with renewal of themselves.  About 90% of each cell’s energy is taken up with the vital task of building proteins and creating new DNA and RNA. However when the brain thinks there is a threat this process is set aside so that it can ensure your body has enough energy to propel your muscles to either fight of fly from the scene and get yourself out of danger. In order to do this the anabolic metabolism changes over to catabolic metabolism which, far from rejuvenating your cells, actually breaks them down.

When the body introduces adrenaline into the blood stream it causes a whole set of reactions within the body. For example it causes the blood pressure to rise, muscles to tense, breathing to become shallow, digestion to stop, the skin begins to sweat, while digestion, reproduction and other processes that will not be needed for the moment are turned down, among many other things. Of course as a temporary defense mechanism it is vital but if this condition is not stopped in time the effects on our body can be disastrous

During the experiments with Pavlov's dogs, it was proved that the physiological response of salivation during the anticipation of food could be anchored by an external stimulus like the sound of a bell. An associative neurological circuit was consequently established in the dog's brain that later allowed just the sound of a bell, even though food is not given, to elicit the salivation response. Throughout your life, haphazard anchors get neurologically created whenever your mind and body are strongly involved together and a specific stimulus is repeatedly provided at the peak of a certain state. Afterwards, whenever the stimulus that acts as an anchor is provided, your response is to experience the state once again. If you do what you've always done in the past, you'll continue to get what you've always gotten as a result.

In the present speedy life style, we have created a whole new set of so many things to worry about. Our need to feel in control may be threatened by imposed workloads, tight deadlines, and crowded schedules. We may feel threatened by traffic jams, delayed flights, incompetent staff, unexpected demands and anything else that might cost us time. Our need for self-esteem, recognition and approval can be threatened by the fear of failure, the fear of looking foolish in front of others, fear of criticism and the fear of being rejected. Uncertainty or anything else that makes us feel insecure can likewise be perceived as a threat.

Such threats are unique to humans; we can imagine -and thus worry about – things that no other living thing could possibly conceive of. The trouble is, our biological evolution has not caught up with our mental evolution. Our bodies respond to these psychological threats just as they would to any physical threat. Usually these turn out to be a false alarm, but the body cannot unwind and recover so quickly to a state of ease, as the second it took to jump to alert. The body seldom has time to recover from one alarm before the next one has triggered. Before long our bodies end up in a permanent state of underlying tension. This background tension then feeds back and begins to affect our thinking, emotions and behavior. Our judgment deteriorates, we tend to make more mistakes, we may feel depressed, hostile towards others, act less rationally, and so on. The toll on our bodies manifests in various ways: aches and pains, indigestion, insomnia, high blood pressure, allergies, illness - sometimes leading to premature death.

Moreover, your emotions (how you feel) are quite literally indicators that point to the underlying driving force, or the magnet that attracts the events, conditions, and circumstances that you experience in your life on a day to day basis. The emotions that you choose to experience and the feelings that you feel are the determining factor as to how each and every one of your life events unfold and are brought into physical existence.

The emotions that you experience and the thoughts that drive them, like everything in the Universe are at their core pure energy. Like all energy, both the thoughts that you think and the emotions that you allow yourself to experience as a result of those thoughts emit and project an outgoing vibrational frequency that attracts to it self energies of a harmonious vibrational frequency.

So anyone, who wants to use mind powers fully, should not entertain negative emotions or feelings constantly. Because they not only drain the powers of mind and create more situations to create more such negative emotions or feelings by unintentionally programming subconscious mind negatively.

(To be continued)

- N.Ganeshan

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