Thursday, May 24, 2012

Some Hard Truths Of Life

Ignoring the hard truths of life is a foolish thing to do, though it is some thing we all do from time to time. These truths can be a little harsh, but we are not doing ourselves any good by ignoring them. Facing these truths can be frightening at first. But once we begin to accept them instead of avoiding them, we can be surprised how many paths open up for us. The more accurate our view of reality is, the more power we have to change it. Accepting these hard truths is the first step in claiming that power.

1. No One Can Change Our Life Like We Can: Nothing really will change in our life without our consent. Others may influence us. But only we can bring real change. So blaming God, parents, fate, circumstances and holding them will not help us in anyway. Many of us keep getting into situations and relationships where bad or unpleasant things happen, and we blame everything and everyone else. The truth is, patterns don’t lie. If we have a history of attracting these people and situations, it is our choice and our problem. Before jumping into the blame-game, we should take a look at our pattern. I’ll bet if we change something we are doing, feeling, or attracting, we will change everything else.

2. Someone Will Always Have More - That’s right, someone will always have more, be more, or do more than us. As there are billions of people on the planet, it is surely bound to happen. Let us accept it. Envy and anxiety will not change the fact. Life is not a race. We need not prove anything to anyone. Enjoy your precious life. Nothing matters more.

3. No One Thinks About Us as Often as We Do, Or As Harshly.-  We are our biggest and worst critics. Many times we are handicapped by worrying what others might think or say. The fact is no one thinks of us as often as we do. They live in their own world and they have their own worries and cares. We may occupy their minds only a very short time. So it is better not give much undue weight to others’ opinions.

4. We Cannot Fight Reality / Nature – Our likes and dislikes cannot change the reality of the world. Nature has its own course. Our fighting with it will not alter its course. It can only make our life more miserable. Let us accept reality. Then we will be able to see what we could do with available resources.

5. None of This Will Matter after sometime- Always remember that nothing lasts forever. Forever is a lie. Some failures and things out of our control are nothing to be ashamed of in this short span of life. What ever may be our problems today, we will not feel the same after sometime. Do not take anything seriously. Let us not feel like the world was crashing down around us. Tomorrow is another day. The frustration, drama, relationship quarrels, and heated emotions we feel today won’t matter after sometime. We can renew ourselves at any point of our life if we are really committed.

• N.Ganeshan


  1. The above mentioned five points are priceless diamonds that a person should always remember. Very nice motivating articles Mr. Ganesan. Keep the good work going.


  2. Another wonderful information Sir.Thanks for sharing /Arun