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What is success? What really makes one successful? To the questions Swami Tejomayananda gives simple answers. He says 6As are required for a true success. What are they? Read to know and understand real success in life....



The subject can be explained in many ways. The common definition of Success is - to gain what one seeks. E.g. in cricket, if a bowler gets a wicket, he is successful; if a batsman scores a century, he is successful. However, such success is not always admirable - pickpockets, terrorists - they may be successful, but such success is not considered good.

In the Ramayana, Ravana kidnapped Sita and had a fight with Jatayu on his way to Lanka. Even though Jatayu failed in his attempt to save Sita, his failure is considered a success as compared to Ravana's success in taking away Sita. Though Ravana achieved temporary success in kidnapping Sita, in reality he failed because he was unable to make Sita his wife.

True success depends more on inner means than outer means. The six A:s of success are:

1. Aptitude
Natural interest in a particular field. Somebody has an aptitude for music; somebody for arts; another for business; yet another for sports, etc. Some have an aptitude for aptitude tests! If you have the aptitude for something, concentration is natural in that field.

2. Aspiration
Enthusiasm in the mind. One-may have the aptitude, but one may not feel like doing the work at hand.

3 . Ability
One may have the enthusiasm to sing, but if there is no ability, it is torture for the listeners.

4. Application
One should be able to apply one's mind at any piece of work. Being focussed is a very important ingredient of success, whatever the field.

5 . Attitude
When the going gets tough, it is the tough who keeps going. Never get demoralised. Attitude determines the altitude - the heights to which you can go. Such a person sees an opportunity even in difficulty.

6. Altar of dedication
In life, if you have an altar, your life will alter. e.g. Mahatma Gandhi - an ordinary person underwent a complete transformation because of just one goal- the nation's independence. Generally, people work for filling up the stomach; some for money; others for power; there are others who serve the nation; devotees do everything for the Lord.

Success is not the final destination. Life is a journey - keep moving ahead. Sometimes, in life I don't get what I like. At such times I must like what I get. If you apply your mind, you will enjoy. Put in more effort in that which you find boring; cultivate a taste for it. Ultimately, understand that 'to act alone is in our hands'.

- Swami Tejomayananda

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