Tuesday, February 15, 2011

God and You in joint-venture

A Zen master and his disciple are traveling through the forests. The Master uses each moment of the journey to teach his disciple about faith.

“Entrust your things to God,” he said to the disciple. “Because He never abandons His children.”

When they camped down at night, the Master asked the disciple to tie the horses to a nearby tree. The disciple went near the tree, but then remembered what he had learned that afternoon. “The Master must be testing me. The truth is that I should entrust the horses to God." And he left the horses loose.

In the morning he discovered that the animals had run off. Indignant, he sought out the Master.

“You know nothing about God! Yesterday I learned that I should trust blindly in Providence, so I gave the horses to Him to guard, and the animals have disappeared!”

“God wanted to look after the horses,” answered the Master. “But at that moment he needed your hands to tie them up and you did not lend them to Him.”

Very often we are like the disciple. We entrust the work to God and believe Him to do it. But we forget our part in the deal. Mere belief in God is not enough if you are not doing your part. Believe in God. But do not forget to do your part of work. Remember that God will be always with you in each step. His assistance is assured. With his assistance all things are possible. But the only question is – “Are you prepared to do your part?”

When the work is being done by God, He expect us to be there with Him doing our tiny part. If we are not willing to do our tiny part, how can we expect Him to do his mighty part for us?


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