Sunday, February 6, 2011

Eight Life Lessons

Life teaches us so many lessons throughout our life. Many of us refuse to learn the lessons. Most of us do not recognize them as lessons. But some of us have the wisom to recognize them as lessons and learn. Ed Foreman learnt his lessons and pass on them to us in simple language. He said that the lessons helped him a lot. They are thoughtful and great lessons. If we can learn them we will make our life meaningful and successful. Please make use of them.


Eight Life Lessons that have Helped Me

• THINK about what you THINK ABOUT..... and if you catch yourself thinking about unhappiness, ill health and adversity, "change the channel" and think about what you want to happen!

• When something happens by chance, follow up. Lucky people tend to notice and act on good things that occur by happenstance.

• Believe that good things will happen. Expectations have a way of coming true.

• When bad things happen, look for the bright side; i.e., "what did I learn from that?" or, "how do I keep it from happening again?" Don't dwell on it, move on!

• If the horse dies, dismount. Don't continue to pour money and effort into a lost cause.

• Don't look for love in the wrong places..... not just romantic love, but the love of "stuff." Stuff is O.K., but understand the delusion of "I'll be happy when I have this or that… or, when I live over there, or when this happens." Happiness is a state of mind in which our thinking is pleasant most of the time.

• Failure is a CHOICE made by the undisciplined. Failing to meet your objectives, regardless of what they are, is a choice, because something else has been given higher priority. If you fail, it is because you choose to fail.

• You don't "catch" depression and you don't "catch" happiness ..... you "create" it by the "thoughts" you put into your mind. Carefully choose what you read, listen to, and the people with whom you associate.

- Ed Foreman

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